Who are the most important beings in your life?

Everyone has someone. Share pets, grandparents, partners, best friends, your favorite Animal Crossing villager or the neighbor you wave at across the balcony but have never talked to.

Calling for things like gratitude posts feels cringey, but sometimes that’s ok. :shushing_face:

Many who follow me have seen Dahlia, our soft bunny-cat princess. We also have a goofy springer spaniel mix named Prime (after Optimus Prime).

Then there are my humans. My kiddos Layla and Finn (short for Finnegan), and my husband Art. :slight_smile:



Day 24 of quarantine and we haven’t killed eachother yet. :crossed_fingers:t3::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::upside_down_face:


This is just so sweet!

Right now, my mom and dad and my sister, my grandma in LA whom I can not visit due to corona virus, and my friends (childhood, high school, and college).

I am in touch with them through this difficult time, and my #bytefam also keeping me energized and motivated to be creative during this time as well…


I am so sorry you are separated from your loved ones. I’m so grateful that, if this all HAS :roll_eyes: to happen, that it’s in the time of internet access for many.

I am very grateful for this community as well. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: through life on the internet I have formed so many wonderful long-term friendships that began through forums. I feel like I am a much better distance friend. :joy:


thank you!!! and so truee…

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