Who are some good people to follow for original animation? (computer, tradit, clay, w/e!)

I’ll welcome both self promos and plain ol suggestions!

Looking for more people who make cool art/animations to follow! I would also include ones that aren’t like, full animation, but more just cool 3d modeling stuff, or other related forms of art!

(specifically not asking about people who post normal tradit art like drawings and paintings, just in video form, cause I have already found plenty of those and they seem to be easier to find through the discover page. I seem to be having a lil more trouble finding many of these types of artists!)

For some examples of people I’ve found that I like:

@jjjjjohn (with 5 js), you might’ve seen all their cool polygon skeleton animations before, and they were really popular on vine. Kinda a vaporwaveish retro aesthetic, cute looping skeletons doing random stuff.

@tinyworlds, most of what they’ve posted so far is more showing off 3d models but they’re just adorable

@David posts both little speedpaint style bytes and full animations, and the animations are really cool atmospheric things, some perfect loops and some semi loops.

…and so far, that’s it. So I would love suggestions!


I do a kind of drawing as animation where I write and practice little songs and do simple drawings that synchronize to the lyrics - hard to explain but you might be into it!


Oh yeah, your stuff is really cute! It’s really simple but effective, I love it!

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ty! ya i have been doing loads on tiktok but they are all too long for byte :cry: so i’m gonna make a bunch of short ones this week

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So far I’ve discovered a few people along with those you already mentioned:

@jonkk - animator/motion designer

@Demographick - does some sick irl interactive art

@evanhilton - stop motion stuff!

@paarsec - 3d graphic animation stuff

@zalefairytale - unique 3d perspective illustrations

That’s about it for now!


nice, just followed all of those you mentioned cept for one, cause I couldn’t find @parseec, was that a typo or anything?

All the rest of them are really cool though, exactly the type of stuff I was hoping to find, thanks!

Yup haha, edited now, it’s @paarsec

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@TelloVision is well worth your time


@will2trill dude, please don’t do the follow spam thing here, this thread is specifically about animation. There are a bunch of other threads on this board for promoing your type of content, and you can always make your own thread for people who post similar stuff and promo yourself there, but its kinda a dick move to jump on a random thread to promo yourself when theres so many other places to do it

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best way to respond:

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Check out @Dollpower (@/Megabyte on Byte), she does her animations using dolls with elaborate miniature sets, her stuff is amazing and so creative!


@TilacusX I do comedic flash animations and would add some clip studio paint animations in the future! :slight_smile:

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More artists ive found since posting this that others havent mentioned yet:

@bradlee, just one animation so far but looks like cool lil OC music vids?

@sneddy, computer animation shitposting

@mattfogarty, music+the fun sort of IRL mixed with art animation thing, and some irl objects stopmotion. also just posts regular vids.


Wow thanks so much TomWho! :heartpulse:

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I have some stop-motion animation friends that I will share the names with you:





Have several other friends that I hope will join soon. I will come back and update as they do.

Thanks for starting this thread… sometimes it’s difficult to find stop-motion enthusiasts :nerd_face:


Can I add myself to the list? I’m a game developer and also do motion graphics from time to time. @grahamoflegend - you can judge if I’m “good” or not haha.


I make little hand drawn animations @MarMarMare that you might like :sweat_smile:


@ Dylan for sure.