White House says restrictions on TikTok could come in ‘weeks, not months’ - The Verge

Byte’s team right now:


Well if this is true I’m glad we have a timeframe now at least I’m curious to see how this plans out :eyes:

help i read this as whitney houston instead of white house and was very confused ahahha


why am i fully dying rn ^ LOL

Byte needs to tread carefully because now governments around the world are growing increasingly concerned about online privacy, and as a result if Byte wants to keep growing, it must not co-operate with governments who are well known for invading online privacy (ex. China and Russia) and must provide maximum privacy protection for its users

i was legit about to reply saying ‘maybe best waiting till it comes from something official’ :joy: :joy:


this is the best thing I’ve read today :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


there will be another mini influx once TT is banned, most of the content creators who are huge aren’t really looking for another alternative app like TikTok. however, they’ll venture out to “bigger and better things” such as TV, Business, Youtube, Instagram, etc. most of the well known profile won’t join byte anytime soon but few instead.

this week will be definitely interesting if the US decides to make that move… this could be a permanent ban or temporary.

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Mini? The influx is going to be larger than what we’ve seen last week lol

Then it’s time to get all our good content books ready

i don’t know man… what I mean by another mini influx is that it’ll be another hype but how many of those users will stay?

retention is key, i understand the app downloads are important; what about users sticking around as a viewer and/or content creator. think of other videos apps that are out there already (youtube, instagram, dub, likee, and etc):small_red_triangle:


I think the two main reasons why new people aren’t sticking with the app is because Byte lacks:

  1. More advanced editing capabilities.
    The fact that you need a third party app or still have to use TikTok in order to be able to create content you want is really bad. Imo the entire editing UI needs to be redesigned. Not to mention it crashes every time I open it :cry:

  2. Important social features that make it easier to connect with others.
    This includes duetting, DMs, better comment layout, and live-streaming capabilities.

Instagram has pretty much almost all these features, plus a large user base which will end up using Reels anyway.


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If I’m being totally honest right now, the digital industry is not concerned about TikTok. There is some chatter and questions happening around the space, but based on recent discussions - the platform is fully complying w/ FTC guidelines, they are not turning any information over to China and would not if asked. Data is being stored stateside and their teams are actively working to continue to protect from potential hacks and anything else that China may attempt to pull.



lost india now the usa (potentially). Not the company’s fault but dang that spongebob pic too accurate lol