While in Quarantine (please read its important!)

I think that the app could really benefit from what’s going on everyone is staying home everyone likes making memes why not push the app out there and let it shine people are going crazy everyone wants to create and that’s our thing literally… creativity first yet no one really knows about byte and everyone is running to tiktok that’s not fair these are our numbers we should be embracing them we should help them create like even famous people are running to tiktok including logan and jake paul and some of the old viners and they have no idea what byte is…
I see that byte needs to work on more features new topics and Ideas on making it easier to create and drop worldwide we’re losing time I got friends dying to use the app (because I keep talking about it) but they can’t
@dom please do something
And if yall don’t mind following me on byte @hn_nabhan :man_shrugging:t2::blue_heart:
Creativity first… loving byte :purple_heart:


How did you first find out about Byte? I had someone tell me about it offline.

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I went through your Bytes and followed you.


I actually wanted vine to come back so bad so I was making researches and stuff cause I really wanted that vine vibe then I saw people talking about dom’s tweet v2 and it felt like a miracle


Soon. If patient :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s gonna release to other countries eventually. It just takes awhile to translate, make sure the content is up to that countries standards etc. plus if there are too many big people it would be harder for the smaller people to succeed

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I get what your saying but we need the advertising w need people to use our up for it to succeed for example if kids saw logan paul making tiktoks millions will go do the same just because their idol did it we need to take out the competition too

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dom also said this about advertising

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That is Dom controlling what he can control that is wisdom on his part.

Well we’re here as a community to share thoughts and make suggestions about/for the app am I wrong?

Your thoughts are suggestions are valid but it’s the admins’ choice whether they want to take those suggestions or not.

The app stores aren’t going anywhere. Do you know something we don’t? :eyes:

That’s what I was going for… I’m not Giving orders I’m suggesting all respect to the hard working team :purple_heart:

I know that people are going crazy on social media and making videos due to Quarantine :eyes: snd that’s exactly the purpose of our app