Which Star Wars trilogy do you think is the best? (Closing @11pm est Jan 31st)

  • Original trilogy(4-6)
  • Prequel trilogy(1-3)
  • Sequel trilogy(7-9)

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The Phantom Menace is good and attack of the clones is even better, because it shows how people get polarized (good or evil) and I liked it. Other trilogies are meh

I’m not a big Star Wars fan, but I know a good meme when I see one, and BOY did Episode 3 have a lot of them, so I based my decision off that!
Obi: “It’s over Anakin, I have the high ground!”
Ana: “Don’t underestimate my POWER!”
Lit. No One: :hushed:
Ana: legs get chopped off
Obi: Just Deal With It shades

I’m personally a fan of all Star Wars content! The original trilogy objectively has the best overall story arc and holds a special place in everyone’s heart but the sequels are fun to watch! The prequels were a little messy for me but I loved Anakin and Episode III wasn’t all that bad.

+1 Vote for Solo (which nobody ever seems to like)

OG is the best change my mind

Prequel trilogy BY FAR. Here’s something you should know – I totally grew up with the prequels, mostly because I played the heck out of The Phantom Menace for PS1, literally one of my favorite games to this day. I was so addicted that my parents told my brother to break it when I was a kid, so he scratched my game with a fork so I would have nothing else to do.

Then, I learned that the prequel trilogy wasn’t “The original trilogy,” but actually, George Lucas released his hexology in reverse order. I got sad when I learned Mace Windu died in the 3rd movie, and Star Wars was never the same since. Star wars to me was about lightsaber fights, politics, meditation, The Force, and drama. Not lasers and flying and one or two Jedi, I’m talking thousands of Jedi, which is why I loved the Prequel setting.

And that’s my Star Wars Rant lmao