Which ratio are YOU going to film in?

first things first i’ve searched the name of this topic but couldn’t find anything else like this… buT i feel like there’s gonna be one hiding somewhere so…

as we know byte is gonna be multi-ratio i wanna know which ratio are YOU gonna film in?

i personally am going film in mostly square.
(I’ve already filmed some in square!)

okay bye :wave:


will probably film in fullscreen, if it fits, if not then square


Combination of both I’m glad Dom decided on both ratios…kinda like best of both worlds


tbh i’m just glad we get both, might do most in square for covers and occasionally portrait for personal posts :smile:

Since I plan on doing both regular filmed AND aninated Bytes, probably a combination of both, fullscreen for animated and square for filmed.

Damn, you got Hannah Montana singing in my head…


Mostly square, but occasionally I might film in portrait

1:1 probably

I WANT to film 1:1 100% of the time, but if I have to film another way I will

So true XD

Also gonna use both !

All of my bytes will be in square, however I will most definitely try out portrait once or twice.

I’d like to make them in square, but it depends what other people are doing honestly. Also it doesn’t really matter for my genre of bytes.

Square, but depending on how videos show in the app’s timeline I might do portrait.

all of y’all saying square makes me so happy. i thought I was the only one :blush:

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I’m probably gonna do square

the current trend is portrait due to the new apps circlin around, and i guess thats why the portrait ratio is now included, so my best advice is to adapt…and make portrait your main priority…

jus ma 2 cents :3

square 100%
id love to have that v*** feeling still there

I was originally gonna stick with square, but vertical is growing on me

depends how it looks in the app