Which of these two categories?

I create cat videos with original music. Can’t decide if these belong in the Music or Pets category. So far I’ve been selecting Pets, but my content doesn’t seem to match the type of content in that category. On the other hand, if I choose Music, I doubt people are expecting to find a cat!


Pets - it’s what you’re showing. The context of the video, but honestly it depends.


If it’s original music I’d try to show some behind the scenes of you creating that music occasionally. Changing up your genre would help give your bytes variety and let people see a different side of you.

Great ideas. I’ve thought about showing the music and photography studios. I think most people assume we’re just adding random music.

The cat videos are a great pull for people. But if I didn’t know you were creating the music I’d have no reason to watch you for that. The more I saw you doing music and photography the more intrigued I’d be in your channel. I personally always like seeing people with a wide range of crafts.

Appreciate the insight. It’s crazy the effort in video editing and music creation that can go into a 6 second clip. (ps- followed :slightly_smiling_face:)

Yah I watched your stuff and could tell you definitely have a studio. You put in a lot of production work into your video and it shows. I’d say keep up the great work. I followed as well. Look forward to seeing how you grow.


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