Which is a better vegetable

Which is a better vegetable for you guys a carrots or cabbages ?

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Carrots :carrot::carrot::carrot::joy::call_me_hand:


Definitely carrots, cabbage is not a top tier veggie for me :joy:


Spinach :ok_hand:

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cabbage for me…goes great with cornbread :yum:

Raw carrots or sea weed like cabbage :leafy_green:

I will never understand where these questions come from, but Cabbage. Its really ahead of its game


Lol i have no idea these are my ideas when im bored lol😂

“My cabbages!” If you know, you know.:joy:

Me __​:smirk::smirk::smirk:

Why not both

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Sweet potatoes

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Cant go wrong with carrots in this economy

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carrots :carrot:

they can also be used as a deadly weapon.

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Carrot :carrot:

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CABBAGE :leafy_green:(ik it’s lettuce but it’s the closest I could get)

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Cabbage w balsamic vinegar :ok_hand:

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