Which fast food fries are best?

There are many fast food chains, and they all do their french fries much differently from each other.
Which restaurant has the best fries and why?

I personally love In-n-out fries the best.


X2… X2

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The krusty Krab has some amazing kelp fries :innocent::joy::innocent:


I live in the midwest. Never had In-n-out. McDonald’s fries have so much salt on them it’s ridiculous. I like Wendy’s fries the best though. The perfect amount of potato and salt.


I’d go for KFC tbh hehe

Never had in-and-out so I’d have to go with Wendy’s up here in the north east. :grimacing:

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KFC always!!

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Fresh McDonalds fries

Wendy’s are totally the best.

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McDonald’s are goodddddddd

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Chick-fil-a on most days, but if not then Penn Station

I second this!

I think five guys have some pretty good fries…

Idk, McDonald’s? There aren’t so many fast food places in my country