Which Do You Feel Is More Valuable?

Okay to be fair I sort of made this out of curiousity and mainly because I’m a silly goon and want to know…
Which do you feel is more important of these two options?

  • Being funny
  • Being iconic

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Por que no los dos?

I think being funny because I’m always laughing and idc about being iconic

In my opinion, everyone can be funny but only a few select have a chance to be iconic and remembered

Nah, I believe it’s a talent to be funny. Not everyone is funny, some people try too hard.

I second that, i feel like what everyone thinks is funny is different tbh

I think that everyone has there own sense of humor, so therefore everyone could be considered funny, but being iconic is harder, and if we’re being honest not many people will be able to be ‘iconic’

Where in this conversation does iconically funny fall into place?