Which celebs will we see on v2?

Title pretty much says it all, which celebrities do you guys think we will see on v2? (does not have to be celebs from vine)

Kevon Hart, The Rock, The Fresh Prince and Hillary Clinton(again)

boysru1e is the only person I’m really excited to see… I’m happy to see others but I like awkwardness and he most definitely is awkward. :joy::joy:

I see a way to actually get Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on V2… and I kinda have a plan to do that :shushing_face:


If you know him irl I envy you

I’m not there yet, I just know how I might get to that point :sweat_smile:

everyone if it grows big enough, i think

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Eric Games

Yessss… a game plan! (A movie which the Rock was featured in)

Close, but not a movie

I know this is in no way related to the subject, but how do I make a post on the v2 forums?

nvm i got it

Hoping to see the whole David Dobrik gang

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