Where will you move (if at all) if you get popular on v2?

somewhere in the mountains with broadband internet :slight_smile:

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I will move to LA or new york, that were real deals happen, It might be hard considering, I don’t even live in the States right now

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LA fam thats the dream

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LA near lele pons

bro will move to same House and will make fire Content

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I’d be torn between a few places, could either move to L.A. or NYC, or stay in the UK and move to London. More importantly, try to be near other creators.

I live in Australia… I’ll probably stay here.

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Nah, I already like where I am now. I would like to move away for uni/college though.

I would save money and buy or rebuild my families a home in puerto rico. I would rent a small place for me where I currently live. I can’t complain because there are others with no homes in this world.


Maybe somewhere south on the east coast since property taxes are low and you can get HELLA acres for relatively cheap

Prolly LA but I feel like I’ll be the humble one and live close to home.

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I would move to London

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New York City
LA would be for vacation

To the hills XD

I’d travel the world because thats my dream :heart:


I just want to get out of the state I live in rn lol


I’m staying where I live now. I like it here!

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L.A. is where I’m going.

LA, seems that’s where everyone is at

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