Where will you move (if at all) if you get popular on v2?

If you gain a following that gives you a stable financial platform, where will you move (if you will move at all)? I plan on moving to LA (need to be incredibly financially stable since houses/apartments are expensive in LA).


First of all I have to be of legal age and secondly if I get the possibility of residency I would go to some English speaking country

I would love to live in New Zealand


I would love to move to LA when I get big enough on V2. I’ll blast Beach Boys music 24/7.

I feel like central LA is always the standard to move to. Like I wouldn’t mind moving there but I’d rather move to like, Calabasas, Bel-air. That’s where the real nice houses are. You know, always trying to get higher

I want to move to Japan regardless

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I really like where I am right now. But it would be really cool to travel around sometimes

Don’t want to jinx myself, but definitely LA.

LA seems to be the standard but I like the northeast

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Miami or LA

I wanna move to Los Angeles, California :sunglasses::rocket:

I wouldn’t move at all because I’ll attend university and I like not to pay for my education.

New York

I don’t really see myself moving anywhere if I do get popular, mostly because social media isn’t a very good source of income due to it always changing and it being unstable at times, like YouTube for example. There’s always drama going on and also the adpocalype and that can really affect income. And there’s a chance that I could fade out and I won’t get enough income as I did before to support myself.


My end game goal for life is living by the seaside down in Kent (UK) so if I can get there faster with V2 you can bet I will haha!


Los Angeles because I’ve always wanted to go there and have a new change in scenery

In the real world, I would love to move to L.A. Internet wise I’d move to YouTube.

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I like that, if I ever got big on one platform it would be nice to make content on others.

Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.

Definitely LA or maybe the Maldives

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