Where my editing fam at?

I used to post edits on Vine and Instagram, but I stopped for a little bit to focus on some other things. I’m waiting a little while before I start doing edits again (youtubers, tv shows, anime, etc.). Where my editing fam at?

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We are all waiting for

Literally me, i editted on both platforms, then stopped bc i had no inspiration to make my edits different and creative


my old vine account was https://vine.co/u/1281330708145147904 and https://vine.co/u/1283882888211173376?mode=list

check out these other threads to find ur family dawh

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Exactly me. I also got frustrated because they weren’t turning out how I planned them in my head.

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Thank you! I was was searching for some of these

Right here lol

Don’t think I really count in this convo, but I’m getting the hang of Wondershare Filmora so I guess that’s something lol :upside_down_face:

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The fam is here! :grin:

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i used to be on vine (only for like 1 month then it died)

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Counts in my book :slightly_smiling_face: loll


Heyyyy here I am too! :wave:t4::grin::film_strip:

Well hello there haha, I’ll be editing anime from time to time I guess (I am not as active as before you see) But I’m planning on reposting my stuff in there and creating more content for byte! :smile: