Where I've Been (and Byte hype)!

Hey everyone! Brandon here!

I know I have been inactive on here lately; mostly due to college being busier than ever and I graduate two semesters after this one ends. I wanted to come back not only to say hi and see how everyone has been since my inactivity, but to also share my own personal opinions/hype about Byte!

I just now looked up V2 on Google, and I recently saw that Dom is making the successor app (which sounds awesome!) and it will be called Byte. From just hearing about the announcements about the app that will come out next spring without reading too much info, I know that my hype went up the roof! I really am glad that Dom is making a successor to Vine, and I really wish Dom and his team the best of luck in making this new app!

And Dom: thank you for for taking your time on developing the new app. I really appreciate your work and I am really happy that you’re starting to begin a new road for the future of social media. I am really excited to see the potential for this app when it comes out!


Brandon Frangipani