Where do you think the Soul Infinity Stone is?

Where do you guys think the Soul Infinity Stone is. I personally think it is under the flowers in Wakanda. They allow people to travel to a sorta soul realm, and they are able to steal people’s power (like a vampire).
Where do you think the Soul Infinity Stone is?


never heard of it :woman_shrugging:t2:

What? Is from Black Panther, right?

For the people who don’t know what the “Soul Stone” is:
(Black panther is a part of a series. The stones are part of other movies in the series, but not all the movies have one)



Yes it is in Black Panther

Have you seen Black Panther yet?

That’s not a bad theory actually, it could be that its buried deep under Wakanda, and that all the flowers are rooted to it

It may be revealed in Captain Marvel

Omg guys guys no. No no no. The soul stone is in the gate keepers chest. Does no one remeber him from. Thor???

Dint know if anyone rememyers him but he sees everyone in the entire universe. He sees the realms. He sees everything. I don’t think anyone remembers this guy but everyone saod it was in his eyes. Well sorry for bursting ur bunbleached but it was in the chest of his golden armour. Now he carries it around in a pouch.

Read and observe my fellow fans


I remember before Ragnarok some people thought it could have been revealed in that movie because of Thor’s Hammer or because of Hela or Heimdall. I guess Heimdall could still be an option even if it wasn’t revealed in Ragnarok.

I was hoping that it would be revealed that the flowers was somehow connected to Soul Stone. But it was purple in Black Panther. I don’t think it should be purple when the soul stone is orange.

Yea i remeber there was a live talk on the news woth stan lee jn it and the hosts had asked what the soul stone was and who carries it and he said “let’s just say he is orange. Kind ove like a bee.”

So yea it’s a very high chance it’s him

Woah, never thought of it like that.

Good point

The Infinity Stone is in someone’s eye? That sounds highly unlikely

I thought that was aether

Just for comedic purposes, I’m praying that the stone is behind Nick Fury’s eye patch.

Captain Marvel doesn’t come out for a few years, Infinity War comes out in May of this year.