Where did the byte graphics team find these gorgeous emojis?

I was looking through the explore page and saw this banner at the top with crisp, high-res emojis graced on the graphic. The first thing that came to mind was where did the byte team find these amazing emojis? As someone who enjoys graphic design, I need them in my life NOW. Please? Pretty please?!


i imagine the amazing shilly probably made them in some sort of 3D render or whatever bing bang bosh artsy craftsy tools talented designers use


probably shilly lmao

100% guarantee shilly made these. As he is their main graphics guy and this is his art style. I love graphics design and am usually good at picking out someones art style and this is something more shilly because he uses more shiny, glossy and pop out textures.

it do be shilly, he uses illustrator for icons n stuff :announcement::aww:

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