When you were a child, did you do this?

Did you ever do things as a child that were innocent/cute at the time, but it’s stupid now?

For example:

I used to write letters to the garbage people, but instead of giving them my letters- I threw them in the trash because I somehow thought that they’d find it.

Or- put a stick in the ground hoping it would grow into a tree. When my dad had to mow the yard, he’d mow around my “tree” because he knew how much I was trying to make a tree.

I look back on this with fondness but also with a bit of cringe :joy: Did any of y’all use to do this? If so, I’d love to hear it!


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:… I’m crying laughing


When I was little, I used to flash random small items; I thought that it’ll travel to another country or a better place. I used to flash money (coins), my toy cars, etc. But, I stopped when the toilet broke and I got in trouble. :sob::joy: (Age 7 - 8)


I literally thought that they would find it :sob::sob: and it wasn’t one like I wrote them every week for a couple of months fam :joy::joy::joy::joy: how the heck you break a toilet :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: bet you got smacked into next Tuesday


I fully just think i was insane as a child, because and i think my mom knew about this. i used to eat coins. mostly pennies and dimes. id swallow them whole, and i think about that sometimes. what if i cough one day and all of the change comes out.


You like a whole bank fam


there was an ad on the back of my coloring book that said if I sent it in, they would use one of my drawings inside. My dumb self shoved the whole book in the mailbox and tried to send it :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:


Childhood memories are a minefield. :boom: :joy:


This just made my night :joy:


I once put an apple in the ground but 10~ years later there is still no apple tree. :tear:


no not the trash thing but let me tell you about this time I tried to grow a tree army! :joy:


I used to turn my stuffed animals away from me when I did something embarrassing bc I thought they could see me


The same energy as me throwing my garbage letters in the trash :joy: if you and I knew each other as kids, we’d hype each other up so much :joy::joy::joy:

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I remember turning my stuffed animals around at night after accidentally watching Chucky. But I feel like I probably did the same thing as you :sob: those bears see all :joy::joy:


This is all so wholesome and adorable it’s absurd.


swallowed coins all morning, shit was so cash


I used to wear one silver shoe on my right foot to the toilet at home to show monsters I was weird like them and they shouldn’t attack me lmaooo, and I used to think the toilet at home would transport me like an elevator to a new family but they would look exactly the same and act exactly the same but I knew they weren’t the same (that idea came from a NZ tv show called ‘freaky’ or something) haha.

I think the reason for the thought process was because the toilet at home was at the end of a huge long hallway and it was creepy af lmao. Kids and their imaginations hey


When I was 5 my favorite movie was Terminator 2. I would spike up my hair like Arnold, put on my leather jacket and walk slowly around the house humming the Terminator theme. But I didn’t have sunglasses like him.
So I would just close me eyes. Because it “made it dark” like sunglasses.
And I’d just walk into things.



3rd grade. Walking home from school. This older kid is trying to get his dog out of someone else’s fenced-in yard because it ran in there. He asked for my help.
I don’t want to help. I want to get home and watch Rocko’s Modern Life.
Instead of saying something normal
I tell him

“Sorry, I only barely speak dog.” To me, this is a perfectly rational thing to say. The older kid is very confused. He asks “you…speak dog?”

I say “yes” and bark at his dog. The dog and the kid just stare at me. I shrug and say “See? He can’t understand me. Sorry.” And then I go home.

I had very few friends on my block.


My brother used to think the same thing- and he’s older than me. I used to think that every time I used the bathroom, I’m giving my doppelgänger DNA so that one day she’ll come up from the toilet and take my place.

Almost the same thing tbh. But I had the thought and just let it be. At least you were somewhat ready :joy::joy: