When you post your v*** does it go straight to the home page of v***

just wondering if thats true

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do you know when I post my vine to the app will it go on the homepage of the app

Nobody knows any details like this yet

We dont know, but if you think that it like instagram that you post a photo and this is in the home page of your followers, i think that this will be like this

The app nothing shows up except the camera, online idk

I’ve seen you ask this a few times around the forums so I’ll try answer here bu very simply.

When you upload a video, it will go onto your profile page. For example, I could type in ‘v2.com/Cpatt’ and go to your profile page, and I will see your video.

If I follow you, I will see your videos on my homepage. If someone does not follow you, then they will not see your video on the homepage. The only way they would be able to see it is if they go to your profile page, or if your video gets featured on some kind of ‘explore’ page.

Now, nothing is entirely confirmed for how V2 will organise the app, however this is the basics for the majority of social media that has a follower system.

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you’ve posted many similar topics to this, try to cut down on these posts which have already been answered before e.g.

I was wondering how to be on the front page of vine

ok thanks

If you’re reffering to the explore page, I guess it depends on the popularity of your profile.

I was wondering about on the homepage of vine thats what im on about

Only if they follow you

Edit: As in the audience

that means when I post a vine it will go to the homepage of vine then people will follow me if they want to

I think you’re getting confused with the explore page. A homepage is a page in which people are able to see people who they follow & their content, and an explore page is a page where popular content is advertised

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that means were will my vine be on the app when in post on there

I think this should be a general discussion.