When You Have Homophobic Parents

Soooo I think im bi. My parents are always hating on gay people and its soo sad for me. anyone else?


My parents can be a bit homophonic. I’m bi-sexual. Haven’t come out to them


I thought this was a comedy skit a first. :sweat_smile:

But you legit got IRL issues :eyes::eyes::eyes:


My mom still wants me to be a doctor. When I told her I wanted to be an entertainer, she disowned me for a couple of years. We good now tho. If they truly love you, your sexuality won’t stop that love.


My parents are good, that sucks though, you might have to be open with them, maybe they’ll accept you


Alex. Didn’t know so many of us were here :sweat_smile:


Well don’t let your parents hold you back on having these feelings. It’s 100% easy for me to say that but like just remember, your happiness is the number one priority in life and you’ll never achieve true happiness if you fake a big aspect of your identity. You’re in no rush to make a final decision on if you’re bi or not. Just give it some time for you to figure everything out with yourself. Also, labels are hella annoying. That’s probably why you’re holding back on telling your parents or not. Don’t think of it as being “Bi” right now, just think of it as you being curious to try things out with the same gender. I’m sure things will work out and there are plenty of other people in the same shoes that you are in! :blush:


That reminds me of scott pilgrim vs the world, ‘im a little bi-curious,’ then the other ex says ‘well im a little bi-furious’ and punches her


I’m sorry to hear that. My dad isn’t the most accepting human out there, so I understand how you feel. I do wish you luck in finding a girlfriend/boyfriend who loves you :heart:


so my moms have been together for
30 years and it’s not always been an easy ride for them but just let them show you that it is possible and anything can be accomplished!

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My parents are homophobic and Im gay I promise you that even if they dont agree with it at first eventually they will come to their senses

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I struggled with this for a long time. Just hang in there, don’t let it get to you. If you don’t know, that’s perfectly fine, but you know WHO you are as a person. That’s all that matters. You don’t have to come out to them if you don’t feel comfortable. Coming out is great, but not everyone is able to handle it(family). People who love you, will come around. If you know those people can have a change of heart, educate them when you can. Tell them about how people can love the same gender. If it’s religious tell them information that debunks myths that everyone believe. If they don’t listen and don’t care, find a new family.


Nobody ever regrets coming out since it’s just being your true self. Don’t rush on it, wait when you feel it’s time to do it (it will come) and let it be, you’re not doing anything wrong. Older people have different ways of looking at things, they were raised differently, yet that doesn’t mean they don’t love you.