When you are a new account, app should ask you to follow channels

It would make it easier for people to find posts they like in their mix when they first start.


Yessir, great idea.

I also think you should be able to view the app without a log in. Some of my friends have said they don’t want to have to sign up and interact, they just like to check the app now and then, see what’s trending.


I agree and/or it drops you in the explore page right off the bat.


Yeah, I am curious how viewers who follow a link and view things online count for stats.

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yes. this way videos will be recommended based on preference. I’m pretty sure this is being worked on!

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Yeah like how twitter asks you what your interests are then lets you auto follow people or topics related to what you answered! This would be GENIUS for new byte users!

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That’s exactly where I got the idea from! :3

Dom already mentioned that in the Byte Updates thread


My byte keeps crashing when I scroll down on certain pages, including my page. Every time I try and scroll down on my page it just crashes and closes the app. Any chance you know anything about how to fix that?

You should create a new topic for this under the bugs category. Welcome to the forums!