When the program will be released in Turkey

when the program will be released in Turkey is there any information, people in Turkey are very curious.


I assume your best bet is to follow Dom on :twitter:

In the mean time, at least for Android users there is a way

However, in that thread a moderator explains that you do it at your own risk, just so you know.

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ok thank you bro

unfortunately, there is no other way ?

Usually in pretty much any country there are people who try and install apps available only on the Japanese Store, and they use similar methods. So maybe you can contact them and ask for specific steps that work in your country.

Thank you very much my brother did it. I love you

Hacım bana da ulaşıp aktarabilir misin, iOS kullanıyorum @Umutcancinar

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By the way, if you have iOS, you could use an Android emulator on a computer. Not very comfortable, but at least something for now. I mean, imagine you buy a cheap Android phone just for this app, and then in a week they release it.

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Kral iosta olmuyor Android’de oluyor çevremizdeki ioslara denedik olmadı

Ben çözdüm hocam