When’s version 1.0 gonna drop?

IDK about the app stores, but in the up-to-date TestFlight version of byte, the app is currently in version 0.2.7. I also DK about how app development works, but does this mean the app technically isn’t finished? I mean, by the the time byte reaches version 1.0, is it gonna be radically different? And, if anyone to whom this question concerns doesn’t mind answering, how long will it take for byte to reach 1.0? Is it too far off to estimate? Has the coronavirus affected the development of byte (considering we just got floaties, I guess not)?




Happy April Fools :pleading_face:


ahhhh pac thanks for reminding me!


I mean, it is completed, sometimes apps have weird numbering

You’re right in saying that’s it’s finished, but the fact that byte isn’t in 1.0 implies that it could be more finished

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What’s coming out today bro?

They just continued the beta numbering tho

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