When posting from camera roll, audio and video quality drops off

So I have been around this community for a very long time. I joined vine first in 2014 posting amv edits and stuck around all the way until the unfortunate demise of vine. So naturally when I saw that @dom was releasing a new app I was very intrigued and downloaded it the day it released. However, ever since I posted my first edit on this platform, I have been having an issue where the video and audio quality had been dropping off significantly. I’m not sure if there’s a fix to this issue yet but I haven’t seen anyone on the forums discussing this. Am I the only one who is having this issue or has anyone else struggled to keep their audio and video quality high res. This doesn’t just specifically relate to amvs but to anyone who has posted from their camera roll and noticed a change in quality. If anyone knows of a way to fix this issue please lmk!


Can you share details? Resolution / bitrate of the original, and are you using iOS or Android?

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@kyler ^^^

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i noticed a small delay in my audio / a slight decrease in visual quality (it was 1080p 60 fps) when i uploaded yesterday dom, no big deal though the app has been running 10/10 smoothly!

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I thought this was a common critique with the app and I didn’t know the team wasn’t aware of it, it was one of the first things I said on the app store in my review. This also happens to me with every skit I upload – in fact, almost every Byte I see is of somewhat lower resolution, not the HD I’m used to. I thought everyone was just using bad cameras, but from day one to now for the past week or so, uploading from camera roll significantly reduces Byte quality. All of my videos are in 720p, but when uploading, it’s like they drop to 360p – it doesn’t matter how high my initial resolution is, either, even 1080p drops down to a similar quality.


You might be getting served low quality videos for bandwidth. Are you on Android?

Yes, I am also on Android. I’ve checked the settings that can change video quality based on whether or want we want to vary the quality on Wifi or on 4G, but relative to my videos and what I’ve seen, these options don’t really change anything in terms of video quality, whether or not I’m on Wifi or 4G. Maybe it’s just me? Other users seem to be having the same problem, too, though

Here is the quality I see. Text looks fairly crisp. There’s obviously some encoding artifacts (Android is also a little worse about encoding) but not nearly 360p. Does this line up with what you see? https://byte.co/b/8eLrgaKZvcF

That’s much higher quality than what I see on Mobile. I’ll do a screen recording and do a side-by-side comparison for you, give me a minute

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I just sent an email to bugs@byte.co containing the screen recording of how it looks like on my phone, and I pasted the original link of the Byte you sent me with how it looks like on Desktop (I wasn’t able to do a side-by-side comparison). The drop in quality is clear, evident by the text drop. Maybe not 360p, an exaggeration on my part, but 480p sounds about right. Definitely not 720p, which is what the desktop version looks like.

The video that I posted was 1080p and 30 fps originally (also Im on IOS) . However, my video quality doesn’t drop as significantly as @PlasticRice, but it is a noticeable difference between the original and the post. But the main problem for me lies within the audio. It’s very hard to notice the audio difference when you’re not wearing headphones but when I do wear headphones, the audio on my camera roll and the audio of the byte are significantly different. I have a screen recording on my phone displaying this issue that I will send to bugs@byte.co


so the good news is it looks like you’re getting served the low bandwidth versions of the videos, which means you should be able access the better quality ones

I’d be interested in learning if they get better after you change the appropriate settings to force high quality — or if you have to uninstall/reinstall the app and change the settings to force high quality. once we have a better understanding about what’s happening In this case we can improve the experience

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this is because the audio is converted from stereo->mono. these are relics from the vine approach and I think we can bump up to stereo. just need to get it scheduled and put into an update


What kind of phone do you have?

Samsung Galaxy S9 :^). The quality of the Bytes has actually been fluctuating, I think they’ve improved – yet, I didn’t change anything in my settings, since they were already on the setting for maximal video quality. I can’t tell if some are at maximal quality and some are at worse quality, but I don’t really mind as long as I know everyone else is seeing high quality videos.

Edit: Forgot to ping / add reply for notification. Gonna ping just in case. @dom

we’re going to add a mark that shows if you’re seeing a low quality video (it’ll say 360p or whatveer) so it’ll be obvious soon :slight_smile:


experience drives creativity, creativity drives me on Byte :star:

Omg yes, thank you for raising this! That’s been my biggest frustration since I’m working with my lacklustre iPhone internal mic for recording. I just thought it was a problem with me since the audio quality on my own uploads has been pretty poor comparatively, so it’s good to know other folks are having the same issue.