When people tag branded Conservative/MAGA accounts in their videos, they're enabling them

There’s a new account from TikTok dedicated to MAGA ideology that people have been giving a lot of attention. I don’t think it’s worth mentioning their name, but I think if you know who I’m talking about you know who I’m talking about and if you don’t then it’s not worth your time to find them out. They’re just lazy hucksters who make political content in bad faith.

I think it’s fine when people comment on their videos telling them to get out/ratio them, because I don’t think comments have much of an impact on the algorithm, at the same time conservative outlets breed on the circusshow of community tensions and arguments, and it’s how grow their exposure. They want people to fight and “debate” with them because that’s how they advertise themselves.

However, when you tag them in their videos and tell them to “get out,” it acts as a signal boost to their channel and exposes your audience to them - you don’t know if you have people who might be interested in them. You could be telling your audience “fuck you” but someone who follow you might not agree, join their channel and all of a sudden they have another loyal viewer.

I think they invite this because they usually respond to the videos they’re tagged in - they want an argument to happen.

It’s stupid. We know they’re acting in bad faith, they know they’re acting in bad faith. There’s no point in engaging them. I say we should create a culture where we isolate these peopel.

As they say “don’t feed the trolls.”


If only you could get most people on byte to read this, but most of them won’t make it to the forums and even them, I think they have been waay to indoctrinated into the drama-fueling systems that rule the internet today to really get something like Dont Feed the Trolls

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