When people aren't on Beta

What a nice general discussion you got going on here :joy:

I don’t get what OG905 is…

The first 905 people to join the forums :))

ah ok, I hope Byte will be fair to the first 905 people and the rest of us here who support here since v 2.0 idea launch. They joined the forum early because they were lucky to get in. It is extremely not fair for the rest of us to use the app late and all these first 905 people content got pushed up before we use the app.

What are you talking about?

People chosen for beta testing were picked from the first sign up back in October.

The beta consisted of ~120; ‘OG905 is completely different.

i thought og905 was the first group who can test the beta only?

In all fairness, the people in phase 1 wont be getting their videos pushed up before users who get it in phase 2 (or later). Everything gets wiped between test, and every user will have to start fresh.

Any advantages would be learning the interface, and in all honesty exercising what creativity they’ve already had planned (which again gets wiped).

Everyone is going to be on equal ground.

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No sir, OG905 were the first people on the forum January 13th, 2018. OG905 had nothing to do with who was chosen for the first phase of testing. Everyone chosen were picked at random from Followup Beta Signup (they weren’t added to beta in numerical order either to clarify.)

example: I signed up for the topic in the 673 position.

also there were rules in Followup Beta Signup that had to be followed to be eligible to be chosen at random.

P.S. If you’re new, please don’t sign up solely for a beta invite. I’ll be checking replies and making sure anyone who replies was registered before this post.

the above is from Followup Beta Signup

Nope, as mentioned before, OG905 was something our own @Super created a year and some months ago. It just refers to the first group of people who joined the forums. Nonetheless, there are some OG905 people were invited to the beta because they signed up for the first wave in October.


ah thanks for clarification

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