When is the next Partner program?

When is the next Partner program?

The program ended in august; it won’t be back :tear:

But I thought that they’ll pay us for the next one

When will they share their revenue again?

I’m not sure; at one point one of dom’s bytes asked the community to put their cash app handle in their bios, and staff would send random people a tip. That may have been them sharing revenue.

that byte was posted September 24th


I think you having a free app to use is your share, bud.

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I have seen some people say they did get paid a small lil tip, less than 10 bucks but enough for a taco trip. I saw one like a week or so ago so this is still active I believe


Nice; yeah, I wasn’t sure when I made the reply. I figured there was a possibility it was still going, since we’re still in October.

I live in New Zealand, mate. Not in the US

There is no public info on the next partner program. The first one was not sustainable to do again and while it seems byte wants to continue supporting creators, they are exploring other ways to do it. Any official partner program in the future is unannounced and will not look like the last one. Don’t expect any updates on this until the byte team announces it.

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I wonder how they plan to fund it next time

I’d speculate from here that judging by how happy people are with 8 and 16 dollars, that they would use another creator fund to continue pushing out much smaller payments to many more people than the original partner program recognized.

The original partner program ideally would’ve had those folks creating very unique and high tier content for their genres to bring people into the app. The people they picked were the right ones, but the marketing part didn’t pan out.

They can split a partners pay by as much as 40 times to 40 different creators and all 40 of those people will brag about it on other apps and be overjoyed. That’s going to lure people into byte to post their content for their cut of the $16


Oh that’s a smart observation! But the question still stands. Byte isn’t earning any revenue so they’ll just be eating through investor dollars. I’m wondering if they will be able to pay creators in a way that is sustainable for byte.

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Will they announce a Partner program very soon?

Yuppp you put it into perfect words!!

And also, ^, they have no current idea on any announcements so we can assume we won’t be getting one until they decide to do so. Could be a year, could be never.

There is no way to know this and all signs to point to unlikely. Don’t hold your breath on it. Just create and have fun


But I want the program to be back soon. I’m working hard on my thing on Byte, and then time will come when there will be another program announced very soon. And then I’ll get paid

The partner program wasn’t funded by regular app revenue. Remember: byte has no ads. They aren’t pulling in cash like other social media sites. The partner program was experimental- a test run if you will. It wasn’t and does not continue to be something that is a guarantee.

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I think the tip program is pretty awesome—it gives a chance to give that extra lil boost of motivation to a whole bunch of creators instead of having people lose interest because they think they’ll never be big enough to make partner. It’s certainly not enough to make being a byter a full-time job, but for an app this small, that’s not really feasible anyway.