When is the app Coming out

I have read th thread just so you know but I blieve that everyone in here is expecting V2 more than anything. We just wanna have a date to which a beta will be released or something to await the information is too general for now (in my oipinion)

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As Dom said, Please refrain from asking for any specific dates. When the beta is ready for release, they will announce it at the links below

Confirmed Websites: v2.co
Confirmed Social Media: :twitter:dhof and :twitter:v2app
Confirmed Merchandise: None

Beta Release Date - None
App Release Date - Summer (No Specific Date)
App Released Yet? No

Keep checking the forums and social media for official updates on the app

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All I know is beta will be out before the release in summer

Summer for you may be different times. Don Hoffman is based in New York therefore app release was determined to be March to julyimageb

It will be released sometime in the summer, with a beta coming before that

As they say here, that’s all we know for now. Here is what Dom has to say about it:

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