When is Dom tweeting

im just wondering if anyone can tell me when he is going to tweet


Sometime last week, lol i have no clue

i think this week…not sureeeeeeeeee


Tbh i think he working really hard right now it may take a little time before he give us an update I mean come on y’all it’s going to be worth the wait tho, possibly he could give us an update next month


He said in this week, today is the last day of the week

Just be patient guys.

next week so somewhere around monday to sunday.

no one knows…

depends on what kind of tweet we are looking for.

if its something related to random shit thats happening then probably today,

if its v2 tweet we are looking for… then probably in next few days with a messages that makes no sense about equality and rules.

i want some pictures and some proof now. waiting toooooo long for this!

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im on about his tweets about the app when he says about it