When I was one I....(up to fifty)

You put your left arm in you put your left arm out in out in out shake it all about you do the…

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Did anyone else do this in nursery where you go like
when I was 1 I sucked my thumb…

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When I was two I tied my shoe

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When I was three I killed a bee

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When I was four I rode a boar

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When I was five I just loved the sneakers of NIKE

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When I was 6 I painted a wall

When I was 7 I wanted to go to heaven

@ItsMeJoseGChacin @Tarun these are supposed to rhyme


When I was 8 I clicked on click bait

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When I was 9 I drew a line

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Mine r rhyming

Your 5 didn’t rhyme

When I was 10 I learned to write with a pen

When I was 12 I built a shelve

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When I was 13 I learned abt benzene

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When I was 14 ‘twas coke I was snortine

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when i was 15 i ate Kentucky wonder bean

when I was 16 I murdered a girl named Kathleen

when i was 17 i was the dancing queen

nice one pal