When Dom said "too many ideas" I kind of felt really guilty

Remember my supposed idea to give Artists on v2 the creative ability to customize their channels by allowing them to name and create their own playlists? I kind of feel guilty because it seemed like kind of a big task to complete and I feel really bad for @dom because it was adding more to his plate and I wanted to say I’m sorry.


I wouldn’t be hard on yourself! Lots of people had lots of ideas, so theres no way it was singularly you or anyone else. It probably was also a lot of hype. The poor guy was getting constant tweets harassing him about “WHERES THE NEW V***”, being rude and demanding certain features and all other kinds of stuff. Ideas arent a bad thing, nor is sharing them! But deciding which good idea to execute can be messy as any artist knows :joy:

But dont be harsh on yourself, he wanted the kind ideas of the forums :slight_smile: and besides, it’s still a good idea no matter how difficult the execution is. It’s up to him if he wants to take on a challenge!


Everyone was just excited !! And we’ve got some really creative people on the forums… so I wouldn’t beat yourself up :):hugs:


You shouldn’t worry at all! Dom created these forums so we could talk about our ideas and so he could see them and consider them :))