When do you guys believe, the first phase of the beta will be released?

I mean, Spring is soon approaching and that’s when the app is supposed to come out, but we have had no news of when the Beta will be out.

What do you guys think ?

Is it too early or ?

Also, if there is any instagram group for creators please add me up it would mean a lot alberto_florea :slight_smile:
Thank you.


It will come. The beta’s release is getting closer and closer.


If I were to guess its coming out June this year. Dom is an engineer so he’s trying to make it perfect hence why I we’ll have a late spring release IF it comes out

January 24th is the speculated date but this isn’t official


right now… you’re missing it!

hehe jkjk

will dom do any more updates about the beta release

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look out for Thursday :wink:


Hopefully soon

Sooner then we expect

not thursday

24th af

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Looks like the new announcement might shine some light

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Probably soon. Idk when tho