WhatsApp for 16+?!

Wait… IDK IF ITS TRUE BUT APPARANTLY, WhatsApp will now only be for people 16+???

Tell me this isn’t true

K thx :call_me_hand::disappointed_relieved::kissing_heart:


Idk but they put age limits for a reason… sooo yeah :grin:


It probably isn’t true.


I’ve never used WhatsApp, so I wouldn’t know. It’s probably true though, cause like @Breahcaleo said, they put an age limit for a reason!


damn son I’m just out here tryna text my mom


Well you could always just talk to her face to face… oh wait it’s 2018 I barely even do that.

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Whatsapp is what we use everyday

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i use whatsapp to talk to my extended family in e. europe and the uk :joy:

in the US we just use fb messenger. it’s my mum’s fave application and kinda the only one she knows how to use (she’s tech savvy on computers, just not phones).

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I use WhatsApp for similar^^^ I have relatives in the US, Italy and England so I talk to them through there

oh noooo. i talk to every single one of my friends vía WhatsApp.

but meh, people don’t follow the rules :):joy::joy::joy:

yes,you must know it.