What's Your Story?

This is a new yet kinda a combination of threads let me explain. This thread is for people who want to spend a little time typing and discussing their lives. This is similar to others but a combination of where you come from, what you want to do with your life, social media and other things about you in a paragraph. Let me start.

Hi I’m Dylan Tate, I’m 16 years old from and still in Greenville, South Carolina… United states for those outside of the States. Since I can remember I have always been wanting to make things and invent new things, I found youtube can really help with those types of projects. I got addicted to youtube and wanted to create my own channel and make videos that my friends and family would star in. So I made the channel Tater Tot a pun off of my name, over the years I’ve made videos that have gotten many awards/prizes and currently sitting at +400 subscribers and +100,000 total views. I got really good at editing with After Effects and dedicated to make my videos with better edits and special effects each time. I’ve posted many of my special effects on my Instagram since they are too quick for youtube. I currently attend the Fine Arts Center in Greenville County for digital film, I’m hoping to become a movie producer/director. This v2 thing just became a last minute savior since youtube is almost impossible for new users to become popular (I’ve been on for 6 years but just started good content in the last 2 years) so hopefully v2 will let people see my work and see what I can truly do. I have dedicated the last couple of weeks in these v2 forums so I can get a feeling of the community and I have found a family that closely relates to me. Thank you!

(Please check out my instagram it means so much to me, you might have to scroll down to find some of my special effects videos.)

(This is a little thing I made that I will most likely make my first post)

Now tell me about you in the comments below, similar how I made mine if you would like.



I was born a small potato, but then became even more of a disappointment! :blush:

But in all seriousness I feel you on the YouTube aspect. I’ve been on for six years as well, and though I was always trying, that does not mean it was always good XD As for what I want to with my life; anything that utilizes my talents/skills. I’m only 20, so there’s a long way to go, but boy does it look like rough terrain ahead.

I hope there’s participation trophies in Heaven.


Hello! I’m Kyle and I’m 17. (“Hi Kyle…” Like from that one scene in Nemo) I live in a small town in Connecticut and I go to a trade high school where I study computers, more specifically I specialize in web design and development. When I get older I’d like to open up my own creative design business or work for Apple as a designer. Follow me on Instagram to keep up with me! Instagram


Hi, I’m Mason. I’m 15 years old and from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. So far my life has always been pretty boring. I live in a small town of about 20,000 people. The closest city of greater population is Green Bay (go Packers.) I’ve always wanted to create content online. I’ve been wanting to do YouTube for a while now, but for whatever reason, I haven’t done it yet. Fear maybe? I was too young to get big on Vine at the time. “Who would follow a 13 year-old?” I thought, and by the time I was mature enough to feel like I could do it, Vine died. I had been putting off making content for so long, but now I’m ready. By the time V2 comes out I will be 16, and will have another shot at “making it.” It would be a DREAM if I could actually be successful in V2, and it would mean the world to me if I could launch a whole career off of the launchpad that is V2. I am reminded of the song Piano Man by Billy Joel. Everybody has dreams, but until you act on them, that’s all they are. Just dreams. I’m ready to act on my dream.


I think you’ll make it big, don’t worry. Don’t let failure stop you! Failure is just a stepping stone to success.


That’s the thing though. I haven’t even attempted in order to fail. My way of thinking was “you can’t fail if you don’t do anything,” so I didn’t. Fail or not though I’m doing V2. And thank you so much for your words of encouragement it really means so much.


Hi im Ashley and i’m 14 years old. For years i always wanted to make a vine account and last year i finally stop putting it off and made my first vine! Little did i know vine would die in a few months. I Always thought that i wanted to get famous and be popular on vine, i guess i wanted my name to be known. Honestly this year was pretty bad after vine died. I started having anxiety attacks and usally cried a lot for no reason. For some magical reason after v2 was annouced a light went off and honestly ive been so happy lately. I’m excited to make a v2 account and share my funny content(Hopefully its funny :slightly_smiling_face:), my goal really isnt to get big but maybe make some peoples day or even make them smile for 6 seconds. Thats my story i guess :slight_smile:


Love the name Tater Tot❤️🙌🏽 It’s awesome seeing other creators that do special effects!

My name’s Crystal and I’m originally from a super small town in southern New Jersey. My boyfriend, Timothy Pumarejo, and I just moved to L.A. to step up our social media game and we’ve been able to work with people like Marlon Webb, King Vader, Kenny Knox, and Montana Tucker. It’s been an absolutely insane experience. We literally packed up our entire lives and took about a week to drive across the country to pursue our dream. We do sketch comedy and Tim kills the special effects​:fire::fire::fire: We’re hoping to bring something new to the table that isn’t just ass and titties in order to gain a following​:sweat_smile:

Feel free to check us out guys! If anyone is in L.A., we are down to collab!

ig : @timothypumarejo

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I know a lot of people were upset when vine died, but everything happens for a reason. Maybe you weren’t ready then, and you’re ready now to do big things on v2!


I can’t with your introduction :joy::sob:


Thanks I followed you as well!

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I’m Amelia, my birthday is 5th of March going on 14 yrs old, just wants v2 for fun, scared of starting my GCSE exams, thinks we are being forced to train our minds with maths and science… :+1:

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Nice good luck :+1:t3:

Lol same