What's your favorite summer vines u like so much?

Byte may be here, but you know what, I’m thinkin’ of a summer vine that has to do with simplified humor & a catastrophe of cringy vines happening today. So, as a matter of fact, I did receive my Byte’s invitation to it and I could personally love it with all my heart, thanks to you guys & above all, happy summer​:sunglasses::beach_umbrella:


When it’s hot out outside :joy: https://youtu.be/pI1V7qSwlIs

Mines https://youtu.be/qLlrURJV6N4

Thomas Sanders. It’s gonna be June.

You mean May?

I’m ready for summer :joy:

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When I saw byte compilations part 2 I really felt like wow, this might really be the next big app.

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