Whats your advice? :)

Being part of this community for many months now! and we have started to see a pattern this community really likes to lift each other up so kindly. There are people from all across the world and that’s insane!!!

So what advice would you give to future creators on Byte? No matter how old or young you are.

Our advice, "we have all tasted a little ‘Byte’ from being on the forums, but just you all wait until we all take the big ‘Byte’. From what we have tasted it’s gonna be delicious. :joy::joy: That’s so cringe but true

So dont give up people! let us show the rest of the world who’s boss.:heart::ok_hand::+1:

What’s your advice?


The advice I give to anyone at all aspiring to be a creator is to make what you enjoy making, don’t expect to be famous and don’t let numbers mean everything to you.


Being a content creator can become consuming and you have to be able to humble yourself have fun and be very creative all at the same time. As our wholesome members on this forum preach don’t let how many followers you have or if you have relevancy define your reason for using byte make friends and most of all be happy if your not happy making bytes you shouldn’t be making them at all because how you feel comes first


be who you are and do what you enjoy doing :slight_smile: