What's y'all's definition of the categories?

So, I’ve noticed that some of us (myself included) get pretty annoyed what we saws as miscategorization on the app, but as there’s no based definitions of things posted, it can get a little hard.
Like, for me personally, as I spent a lot of time in the nature category, I tend to get annoyed as people post comedy skits in there which might related to nature, as they don’t seem to fit to me.
There’s also a couple of categories, namely things like experimental and chill, which I wouldn’t be able to quite define. For instance, @allintheory’s videos are a great example of “chill” content to me, but they’re also art. Anything that’s chill, at least to me, could be thrown in another category, outside of like an “eight second meditation” thing which wasn’t movement based (because then it would go in fitness).
I was wondering what y’all brief “definitions” of each category is?


we’re working on making this clearer inside the app


No clue. I post in experimental…as I feel this category isn’t really…defined?
It’s not cut and dry like art for instance. :woman_shrugging:t3::woozy_face:

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thanks Dom!

it’s funny that you mention that, but I was just talking to somebody about how I feel art is less strictly defined than, say, food or nature, which seem fairly cut and dried to me? Like, my reading of poetry goes in art because I don’t know where else I would but it, but it doesn’t feel quite right because it’s not…my creation, nor is it visual art?

Also, to be clear, this post wasn’t a callout post on anybody in particular. I’ve seen multiple folks post what I consider “comedy” in nature, which is why I was curious if my definition differed from the norm.

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Oh you’re fine, and I consider any work that you make whether it be visual or written is art.
There are categories for music…otherwise I’d call that art too (das why I say it’s cut and dry).
Nature is likely cut and dry too…it’s kinda self explanatory.
:woman_shrugging:t3: Idk how to define stuff.

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