Whats up with JELENA?

Yeh, like what is up with them. Are they dating or not…?

I have no idea they are confusing sometimes

Don’t think so… pretty sure they recently split.

Ughh Jelena is more confusing than my life

We never know

People say that they’re dating but they are taking a break again so… idk

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I think so but who knows

Wait, they’re still a thing? I remember them breaking up literally twice a week back when I was like 9. why haven’t they split up for good yet lol

well apparently they broke up, but some people believe they are meeting in private so paps will stop talking about it and harassing them

i wouldn’t trust half the ‘media outlets’ on youtube who make videos on celebs.

I wish Justin and Selena could take a month long vacation to take a break from the world and figure their relationship out. I really do think they could work out in the end but they gotta figure out their past first.

He “cant stop thinking about her”… Oh dear. Young love

It just sucks for both of them because they are constantly reminded of each other every day by interviews, paparazzi, fans, music, events. I can’t imagine what that would be like. I would be so annoyed lol

Well theyre both pretty famous & the paps and media are nosy gits. Nobody can win in this world :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging: