Whats there to discuss on V2 now? (NO OEVO TALK!)

A lot of people have been complaining over the OEVO posts (I’m guilty of that), so I thought I would make this so we could discuss subjects and topics around V2.

I’ll get us started:

How long do you guys reckon we will be waiting for V2?

An indefinite amount of time… until he has some money in the table to back the project.


Well since dom was keyword “WAS” Planing on opening up the app in summer which is only a couple months away assuming that it takes until Halloween at most. It could open during the beginning of next year or end of December


If not next year then never


I think your right, by then the hype for the app would of gone down a lot.

If/when the v2 hype fades away and dom is ready to release it, what can he do to get the have ppl interested in it again??

I don’t mean to sound negative or anything but good luck with that. Its gonna be really hard to get someone into something all over again. The truth is people have just become sick of waiting.

That’s up to Dom to estimate :smiley:

What’s oevo

Basically an app thats similar to what v2 would have been. Its actually pretty good, since they got rid of a lot of the bugs on the app. I would recommend if you want a v2 experience while we all wait. :grinning: