What's the whole no♥ thing?

I just came to byte. What the hell is no♥? Also, what is straight and alt TikTok?


straight tiktok is lil huddy and addison rae, alt tiktok is people who don’t fit in to straight tiktoks mold per say. and no❤️ is a thing


no❤️ and yeah❤️ are basically the equivalent to southerners saying bless your heart

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i hate it

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no :hearts:

that doesnt even APPLY


so, straight tiktok consists of mainstream dances like the renegade, the hype houses, gamer guys, and bad humor which often targets women and minorities.

alt tiktok is an umbrella term for multiple groups on tiktok. it consists of the majority of the lgbtq ppl on tiktok, punks, goths, witches, deep tiktok (cursed memes, basically), and other groups of people who would be considered alternative or not normal.

the reason why straight tiktok is called straight tiktok is because people started noticing that only lgbtq people saw lgbtq content and didn’t see any trends that straight people see on their for you pages. so, the terms “straight tiktok” and “gay tiktok” were coined. i guess some people felt left out from gay tiktok, so we merged with other sides of tiktok and became alt tiktok.

i hope this was a good enough explanation.

just wanna add this real quick- there are other sides of tiktok besides alt and straight tiktok. people just talk about them a lot less.