What's the tea, lads?


i’ve been inactive for like 200 years and i didn’t even notice. i mentioned in my last post that we should be as active as possible and i guess now i’m just boo boo the fool


i’m hella back now fr fr fam and out of the states on a business trip and hollering from the other side of the world to ask y’all how you’ve been in the (nearly a) month i’ve been out here being a whole stupid and a half?

i miss the forums x15 atm, and i do realise i’m being very cringey and i’ll probably edit this post in the near future to be less embarrassing to my reputation, but i’m sleep deprived and i miss v*ne and i miss my internet buddies.

so just

please answer? lol

how’s ya month? how’s school? work? siblings? pets?

are you staying hydrated? getting your greens in? sleeping at least 8 hours a night (i know i’m not)?

okay, miss you all xx


Nice to see you back! I missed you too!

September’s just starting and it feels nice! I don’t start school for a few more days. My cat’s cute (and devilish) as always. I’ve been pretty hydrated lately, and I usually sleep a bit more than 8 hours haha.


Well I’m back to skl now, my energy has been drained and I’ve been bored to death by teacher introductions which have been pretty much the same.

Wbu? Any updates on your life? :slight_smile:

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I’ve been great thanks. In other words, I’m relishing(?) my last few days before I go back to school :weary:


welcome back i missed ya! And ive been doing okay, back to school, getting tutored. yyup.


Ayye… (I’m sorry that was cringey)

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I ok. JUst your typical anime and school starting and all that. Well, how’ve ya been???

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oof im back to school and extremely busy

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yes, september is always nice :smile:
i hope you do well in school! and i’m happy you’re sleeping and staying hydrated <3


ugh i feel the teacher thing

i’m just working constantly and have to keep up with my assignment as well. life is pretty okay :))


missed ya too, r.
that’s super. school is always…super…(not really)


i’ve been g8, m8.

i have been hydrating, not quite sleeping and trying to catch up on some anime in my two hours of free time a week


oof. good luck, charlie xx


oof yyeah boi

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