Whats the app going to be called?

veed? i could imagine people getting a kick out of that “guys! veed just came out!”


“Hey dom…when does the new app release?”

dom: “Patience…patience doesn’t Virtue!”

ha ha haaaa

V2 is likely just the working name. It’s a bit awkward to call a service V2. “Hey, I just made a V2, check it out!” or “I’m going to re-v2 your v2.”

They will announce the actual name, logo and branding right before the service launches. Choosing a good name that worked as well as Vine will be tough, but not impossible.


That will most likely cause legal issues

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Ignore it’s not connected with vine it shouldn’t be call V2 that seems wrong

What about ‘grape’ :joy:


Hey boo! V2 yeah!

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Most likely V2

vine vine

I like Revine (if it’s legal)
Or maybe something like Ivy

I believe V2

I think that v2 is really nice, but it’s apparently just a placeholder for now.


V2 is easy, short, and everyone knows what it means straight away.

The simplest solution is generally the best.

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It should be called wine. Like after the grape vine is dead , but now we have something better; wine. the vine was only the end of the beginning, and now v2 is in the process of finding the niche(not sure if that’s the proper term) kinda like how it takes years for great wine to be made and now we have a masterpiece. Wine. Voila! Not trying to toot my own horn or anything, but I like it


The name “Loop” has been thrown around in a few threads. Sounds nice to me, ik Dom said it might be hard to get due to copyright issues but if imo it would be worth it to try

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Once you play with the word, Wine doesn’t sound bad, like “Hey you watched what I just Re-wine?” :T

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If the app were named Wine:
“Hey guys, I do wines… I’m a Winer”


I assume it will remain v2 and won’t change.

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I always thought v2 was a bit of a strange name choice to be the actual name if it doesn’t want to be associated with vine.

Yeah V2 is most likely just a place holder until they come up with something different, if they want it to be a complete separate thing from Vine they’ll be using a completely different name with no association to Vine :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: