What's stopping you

…from making your best content possible?

Environment too noisy? No ideas? Hiding from the FBI? Perfectionist?

For me, it’s crippling self doubt, fear of the unknown and a splash of technical limitations~*


I have one piece of equipment, my phone, and am working 50+ hours a week. And taking 13 credit hours.
I also live in a shared house with three other people, all of whom are night owls whilst I’m a morning bird.
A lot of the hiking spots I want to hit up are also closed due to covid19, and due to me not going into work, I have a limited number of people I can off load my baking on to, which cuts down that content.
I also have had writer’s block re:poetry for a little bit.


Perfectionist for me but honestly I’ve gotten over that trait. It’s more about getting noticed and how I could get noticed more. Like I could literally make a new account and post there since I know how the algorithm works but I’m too attached tou original account to do that


Good video ideas that are brief enough for Byte.


ngl, recently it’s been personal stuff but now it’s been this heatwave and humidity. I can barely be bothered to do my yoga and cardio, but I’ve sacrificed the little energy I have to devote it into my workouts and my fitness Bytes, instead of my usual skits


I battle with perfectionism in many aspects of my life

I keep having to remind myself “progress over perfection”

“Make something terrible” is also particularly useful if I find myself unproductive


Equipment. Seriously I got so many ideas but in fist I got no control on the green screen for making byte and I’m alone ( one comedian for many person😂).
We can just say that… I’m making all by myself.

You know what is actually a good thing? When you make a video that flops in a perfect way. When a video has the perfect flaw it makes the video better and people actually like it. Like you’d be recording something and you catch something funny on tape that’s what makes a perfect flop

Yeah I have a ton of plans and schemes that involve other people, but I just don’t have people available to me

Soooo I’m stucking making stuff on my own

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I actually don’t have any limitations except for my lack of talent. So I’m only 1 step away from making it big


I have so many ideas, yet I don’t know how to execute them properly to the way I envision them in my head. There are always obstacles in my way such as noise, people, or not having the right equipment. These obstacles have always been around even before I joined Byte back in January. Ever since I made my YouTube channel back in 2016, My brother and I would always have to find ways to work around our ideas to where it was possible and it’s been the same ever since.

The only difference is I’ve been flying solo on Byte when I’m usually used to having my brother by my side to bounce off of (which might change soon :eyes:)

other obligations in life

I think the only solution to something like this is experience. Translating what’s in your head into a finished work takes practice, trial and error

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I always have been interested in doing some comedic videos. My problem is I don’t have anyone to help record them and plus there’s always someone in my family around. I also have high school and work to worry about so I don’t have much time in general.

If you’re working well within your current ability and you’re content with it, that’s great!

When you decide to do something a little out of your comfort zone, that’s when you might start bumping into obstacles and limitations

I’m a perfectionist and I struggle with trying to exert control over everything - it’s very stressful all of the time and I burn out quickly

The lesson here is that no one really has as much control over their surroundings and circumstances as they’d like. Not really. Just identify the aspects you can control and try to work around (or embrace) the things that you cannot!

Perfectly polished videos are… uncanny. They come across as inauthentic and hollow. This is what I see with huge overproduced channels on YouTube specifically

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Currently im out of ideas :sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:

Keep a pen handy, or a notes app on your phone, and track anything that comes to mind. Good ideas disappear just as quick as they arrive

Maybe even branch out? Consider other types of content different from your usual, just to open up new creative avenues

I know right but usually whenever I record it really is genuine and comes out funnier. Unfortunately people used that to their advantage and ruined this