What's some inspiring tips you could give to a new Byter?

Hey fellas! First topic here after lurking for awhile.

Just as the title says, what are some inspiring tips you could give for someone new who’s interested in joining the app? I’m kinda looking for some positivity in the moment so hit me with ya best thoughts! FIRE AWAY!


Don’t be afraid to express yourself. Just post whatever you feel like. Not everything has to be comedy, art, nature, etc. Keep on keepin on


Since @DeCool answered I would like to add

Be creativity don’t plagiarize :hugs:



I’d second Demi and say just post whatever ya feeling! You really have nothing to lose, especially in the beginning. Experiment and get zany! Also it really is important to explore Byte for yourself. Make new connections and draw inspiration from those around you! Your work will only get better and more people will see it too!


Nothing has to be anything.


Keep experimenting if you don’t know what you are doing. ThinkFact and KevinSaxby, Snackteam etc all know what they’re good at and have a niche. I kinda do kinda don’t so I’m still experimenting. At the start of your journey is when you can do whatever the hell you want.


Don’t be afraid to take breaks. Everyone works and posts at their own pace. But overworking will lead to burnout. Either mentally or physically. Ya just gotta take some time to find what works for you, whether it’s posting one byte every 1-2 days, or posting 5 bytes in one day. Never limit yourself and remember… CREATIVITY FIRST‼️


The best thing you can do is be your genuine self and share your creativity with us. Above all else though, just have fun. Don’t let numbers get under your skin or start making comparisons between yourself and other creators. Make stuff authentic to yourself and you’ll find a set of folks who’re willing to stick around and watch more :v:.


I think a good tip is to remember, even if you start gaining a following, that you don’t have to make amazing 10/10 bytes every time for them to still like you. Don’t feel like you have to have fancy editing or super well thought out bytes every time especially when your goal is to have fun with it. If you’re worried “what if I don’t get ___ number of likes on this one when my last one did well” POST IT. Just post it. Sometimes a byte takes a minute to make and sometimes longer but both can be just as good. And in the end as long as you like the byte that’s all that matters. A few of my bytes that didn’t do as well with likes actually made me laugh more than others that did better and it’s important to do this for yourself.


Do you and dont compare to others, just go with your own flow.

^its as simple as that :sunglasses::ok_hand:


Mine would be to engage with the community AND be genuine about it. Engage with the community because you’re a part of it and people work better together. Be genuine because the majority of us are wise enough to notice otherwise.


Post what you want to! Don’t post something you think others will find you appealing for. If you really want to get to creating, then make sure it’s for yourself! And that really goes for anything in terms of creativity/social media use. The more you do it just for the likes, or just to fit in with a relatable crowd, the less fun it becomes. If you want to do comedy, write some stuff and perform it. Over time you will nail it and build a crowd. Want to create something that may seem alternative/“artsy”? Go for it. Don’t be afraid. If you have a vision, get whatever you need and film it. If it doesn’t seem right at first, re-film it and edit it till it’s good. Last point from a personal perspective: never regret your past posts or criticize them too hard. Sometimes you’ll have a post up for days or even years and then notice something off about it that you maybe didn’t catch when editing/uploading. Do NOT get hung up on it. Learn from it and move forward.

I guess really the main point is make sure you do it for yourself, and always make sure you’re having fun doing it. :slight_smile:


Be yourself, have fun, interact and don’t forget to follow Kevinsaxby :joy:

  1. Be consistent
  2. Engage with your followers
  3. Be creative
  4. Have fun🤘

I am myself -20%. I can be a little too much for people sometimes. :joy:


Be yourself.
Creating an image for everyone else is hard to keep up with. Remember that you can’t please everyone and not everyone will like you. That’s fine.

Just…be you. That’s it.


Post what you think is fun and post often, the amount of times an idea that I think is average is the most well received is insane and that honestly it such a consistent truth among more artists. Throw spaghetti at the wall, make good videos, make bad videos. Have fun! Make art so that your intention is much more in the MAKING of something than it is the validation of your work as a whole


Throwing spaghetti at the wall is easily the best tip.