What's popular nowadays?

I feel like back in 2010-2015 there would be a new app or website always coming out that would draw everyone in like Instagram came out then Snapchat then Omegle and ChatRoullete and what not, but nowadays whenever I ask my little cousin what he’s doing all he ever tells me is that he’s looking at memes.


that’s why I’m really hyped about this app cus maybe it’ll bring something fresh to the table cus it’s felt pretty dull the past couple years like everything has just stagnated and nobody can come up with something original so they just keep recycling the same ideas because they’ve just run out of them


TikTok is super popular but it isn’t the same cause it’s mostly lip syncing. (Nothing against it) Memes are rlly popular too and so is YouTube. (Sun to pewdiepie) Ariana grande is also very popular right now :joy:

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there’s this new app called byte that I think might be popular


i agree with everything on this thread so far :+1:

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Discord > TeamSpeak


never heard of it

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changed from general to youtube & other :ok_hand:t3:

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I think it goes from YouTube to insta to snap as the top three most popular apps. YouTube as number one because you can get paid so loads of people are one that platform trying to get monetized, insta next cuz it’s been around for quite some time now and it’s popularity has only gone up, then snap as third cuz although it’s very popular and increasing in popularity, there’s some annoying bugs that they still need to work on.

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I think it depends what people would like to do if you like taking photos use Instagram if you like having little convocations and some video and pictures use twitter if you like creating videos use YouTube those 3 cover the basics and you have skype and discord for video chat new apps come out but a lot just do the same thing as the ones I’ve mentiones so people don’t use them.

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TV and Netflix shows are popular now. Youtube has officially become television so it’s not fun anymore…too many rules. Need Byte to shake things up.

Hey that’s a really good point. Instagram is dominating right now, but it’s also getting kind of old.

I feel like live streaming apps seem really popular these days like Houseparty, amongst others. Also, Amazon Alexa and the smart speakers are really getting slept on. I think amazon alexa skills will replace the iphone top 200 free app list over the next 10 years

Thats why I believe in byte, cuz I feel like all the big apps are old now, a new big app is needed, and byte will definitely make the cut

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