What's next for byte?

There are a few things I’ve ponder about where byte is going and how big will it get.

I, along with everyone, want byte to grow into a huge social media platform.
We just start and we’re small, I get that .

I question Dom’s leadership because I haven’t hears anything from him in a while.

I would appreciate to know what Dom is thinking right now about byte.

Where he wants it to go, what are short term goals in terms of growth like getting celebrities on the app, getting it in huge places like India. Is Byte available on India?

I just want insight on what’s going on because that’s what I think good leadership is.

The leader talking with his or her group.

I just want an address. A “State of the byte” address, if you will.


made few valid points and asked decent questions, i, too, am curious as well.

global business 101, expanding into the indian market and/or the global market. i wouldn’t know what byte is working on bts; must be busy researching, experimenting, brainstorming, and so on that hasn’t been finalized.

however, when expanding a company (in general) there are a lot of challenges companies may face before expansion. there are main 4 things to consider before expanding:

  1. do research, it’s not a quick & easy process. there are other companies that fail that don’t do heavy research, therefore it’s better to check their chances of successful expansion.

  2. culture and language barrier, this is self-explanatory.

  3. political and economic situation.

  4. country laws and regulations.

byte is currently a small team for them to take risks to expand into the indian market they’ll have to recruit more members.

i highly recommend for you to check out the article below.


@dhof just tweeted yesterday. Does that help?


Hopefully we will get information soon, the app needs to get better on this days.

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That doesn’t mean that we had new info about the App.

True…it’s been almost over a month and a half since we got an update on Android :frowning:


Updates, Leadership, and Community are all important, but you know what’s really missing right now besides these?


The fact that we don’t hear from Dom and the byte team anymore makes us question if the they are still working on the app… i hope they are…

We are all here because we care about byte and we wouldn’t raise these questions if we didn’t…


Maybe they’re just doing a stress test on the community jkjk

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Dom made a post awhile back mentioning updates will be coming. Also he mentioned just because the byte staff aren’t saying much doesn’t necessarily mean silence or anything negative, they likely might not have much to say. Just remember they’re working with a small staff and are doing great so far!