What's good to binge?

Been so bored lately. Any suggestions on what I can binge watch?
Open to anything besides whatever is on Netflix. Even YouTubers.


The End of the F***ing World was actually soooo good, I thought it would be terrible with the way everyone was overhyping it but it was really good and probably one of my new favs. It actually made me cry too lol. I’m also binging Jane the Virgin right now too and I love it


Honestly, Ive been binge watching BBC documentaries on youtube lately. Some of the stuff they do gets pretty interesting.

black mirror will f u up

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The Punisher is amazeballz! As is Narcos! The Sinner is good also :smile:

If you have amazon prime, “Humans” is really good!

If you speak french, or don’t mind subtitles, “Les Revenants” is amazing. (The returned but not the american version) on netflix

If you haven’t already seen Dexter, definitely get on that train lmfao. I’ve watched the whole series a couple of times and it’s still phenomenal.

If you haven’t seen the OA, it’s fantastic.

If you have Hulu, Workaholics is amazing lmfao as well as Loiter Squad. X-files is also really good to binge. I’m on my second round of binging X files. It’s always sunny in philadelphia is also A1

Stranger things is supposed to be good, I haven’t watched it though

Shane Dawson’s conspiracy theories. Here’s his latest one!

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I enjoyed Bates Motel!

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Hellsing abridged

Second this, it really is something else

Tell me that you already watch “Lost”, the best show in all the whole world :star_struck: