What's going on with Byte?

What’s happened to Byte? No beta/app updates in months and the beta profile has been removed from TestFlight :frowning:


Here’s the latest update : p


Clash will be merged into Byte, then Byte will be re-released using the Clash name.

For the time being, Clash and Byte will not see any interruption in their experience, and all users should download the Byte app

  • From a Businesswire article, Jan 26

as part of the acquisition, Clash plans to take itself off app stores and encourage users to download Byte instead.
For now, Byte won’t roll out any user-side alterations, but users will see Clash’s touch soon: “The plan over the next few months is to relaunch the Byte app as Clash,” McNerney said. “This relaunch will have all our monetization tools live."

  • From a Tubefilter article, Jan 26

There you have it. Re-release in the coming months, rebranded as Clash.

With the focus on monetization, Clash will be heavily memed as Cla$h and its creators and leadership team will be criticized as moneygrubbers. I can see the future~


March 1st is the current goal if Byte re-release using the Clash name.

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That’s a pretty quick turnaround

Imagine it’s the Clash name, but the logo incorporates the circle and square

Wouldn’t that be nice