Whats are your phobias?

dang sky diving might cure that (jk)

if you ever go any whre tropical there bound to be everywhere lol

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just ride em you’ll live

dang you must hate clowns then lol

idk cats always seemed calming to me

Not necessary…ever been to the Netherlands during the summer? :cold_sweat:

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no but i was just talking in generaalistes but Im not suprised

Only one fortunately. Acrophobia (fear of heights). But it’s pretty severe. I’ve tried playing VR games that involve heights to try and overcome it. Even knowing I’m safe and it’s not real, my heart races. Of course I still do it because I’m also one of those weirdos that enjoys being scared lol.


hey doing things which scare you are always more exciting


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wait so is that fear of bytes?


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even air?

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