What's a good music video/music/voice editing software/maker?

Yes, the title, I don’t know any, but I see people using cool ones, probably free ones too!

Its not like I’m making a music video or trying to make my voice sound better (NO WAY)

I just would like to know cool ones so I can make cool beats and cool voices and stuff like that… please. Thanks!

-Nathan J


Adobe Premier Pro CC is typically the industry standard for making vids online, audacity is the program a lot of youtubers record their audio into, and there are many DAWs(Digital Audio Workstations) that can be used to produce music, such as FL Studio, Logic Pro, Ableton Live, etc. ( there are a lot) all of them have a steep learning curb though, so don’t give up!


Ok, thanks, lets see how hard this can be!


Hitfilm is pretty good, for a free software it’s actually pretty impressive


Hitfilm is a bit on the slow side though. You could always pirate After Effects

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Premiere Pro, After effects, Adobe Audition are what I use.

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I’ll give some suggestions, but I remember you saying you wanted to be an actor if remember correctly?

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I’m a broke loser in life, so been using free stuff forever, my personal recomendations are Shotcut for video editing, Audacity for general audio stuff, and for beats use what you want, I’m a nerd and use LMMS with more proficiency than most, but I know it’s not for everyone. So probably Reaper, it says it’s a trial but it’s basically free unless you make over 1k per year. where the software pays itself.

edit: just realize this post is 6 mo old, if necro is forwned upon in here Im terribly sorry…

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In my experience, for audio and video editing software, Joyoshare Media Cutter is a decent option. Since I got it free of charge due to its recent promotion, I have been using it for fun editing on my videos. It’s an all-in-one program consisting of many editing tools. I think it can satisfy you well. By the way, its promotion will be concluded on Sept 27. Erenow, everyone has the chance to get it for free.

Reaper might be the best DAW that is “free.”
Technically there is a freetrail of the software but it doesn’t force you to get a license; the application is fully functional after the trial runs out. It runs on MAC and Windows.

You might need an software synth.

OpenShot is good free and open source software that runs on MAC and Windows for video editing. It is simple but the UI might be a bit ugly; it is as simple as iMovie in my opinion.

I personal use Logic Pro X(which costs $199) but there is a trial version. If you want to use the trial version forever, just switch the clock on your Mac to when you downloaded it, but some websites won’t work if you set your clock too far behind time. It comes with a softsynth and some drum samples. You have to tune your samples to the key of the song.

The software you use for music creation is different from video creation. Once you have the music done then you bring the music into you video editor as an audio track